Tuesdays with Tiffany! – Fixing Minor Scratches & Dents


Did you know you can fix minor dents and scratches with common, household items? Neither did we! Well, until we did a little research. You can use a walnut to rub in circles over a minor scratch to blend a scratch back into the wood. The oils in the nut will darken the wood, and–like magic–it will disappear.
If you have a cabinet without paint or stain that you accidentally knocked against something and it left a little dent, you can fix it easily with a damp towel and iron. Take a dish towel and dampen it lightly with water. Place it over the dent and press a heated iron on the towel and move it in a circular motion. Soon the steam will cause the wood to expand and fill in the dent. Wait until the wood is completely dry before applying paint or stain.

Hope this DIY tip helps you with some of your household projects this spring! We have another video coming soon to talk about deeper scratches and how to fix them, so make sure to check back for more tips and tricks!